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I have been wearing hearing aids for approximately 20 years. I originally got them after receiving some encouragement from my wife. Throughout the 20 years it has been a process. I had received temporary relief but never perfect hearing. Over the years, I had hoped this might change and in the process I have had eight pairs of hearing aids. I now have an audiologist who matches my needs with my hearing aids and that is Dr. Blenkhorn. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Blenkhorn and what she has done for me. I tell everyone about her so they do not need to go through what I went through.
David L.
Not long ago, I was having to ask people to repeat themselves, the television volume always needed to be increased, and I found myself avoiding conversations with friends on the telephone because I couldn't hear them clearly. I came to Harp Hearing Care where I had a hearing test and was fitted with hearing aids customized for my particular needs. I have been wearing them for 3 weeks now for about 12 hours a day. They have been so easy to get comfortable with. I now hear sounds I never knew I was missing! Dr. Blenkhorn and the staff at Harp Hearing Care were professional and considerate of my needs. I have since returned at their request to ensure my hearing aids were functioning properly and they answered every question I threw at them.
Suzanne G.
Thank you for your recent adjustments to my hearing aids. I will be back over to HARP Hearing as soon as I'm able to get my new hearing aids. I will be referring your wonderful care at HARP to friends and acquaintances. Thanks so much.
I have worn hearing aids for approximately 10 years. With my first set, I only wore them when we were going out in groups or to important meetings. Even though they would help me, I wasn't quite ready to wear them every day. I was recently fit with new hearing aids from Dr. Sarah. Dr. Sarah truly cares about what she does and this is shown in her professionalism and the ongoing care that is provided. I was shocked to see how much they have changed in 10 years in size and how well they work. I also got used to them very quickly, which made me more comfortable in wearing them every day. They have helped me hear with my family, grandchildren and at work which has made all of these things more enjoyable.
I have worn hearing aids for many years. I have always had trouble hearing on the phone, even with my hearing aids in. Dr. Sarah introduced me to a new phone that works wonderfully with my hearing aids. I don't need to take them out and I can hear like I have never heard before. Her knowledge about different options for different needs pleased me considerably. Thank you, Dr. Sarah.
I have been a patient of Dr. Blenkhorn’s for approximately 6 years. She has always taken the time and care to address my needs. Her technical knowledge and skills have given me the ability to communicate in a variety of situations. I currently travel 2 hours to see her as I have yet to find anyone who cares like she does.
Ronn A.
The first thing that was awesome was that I could hear my daughter from another room. When you gradually lose your hearing, you don't realize what you are missing. Each and every time I have contacted HARP, the attention and care is well over 100%. I hear things now like birds and my car windows opening. Everything is much more clarified and it is wonderful to be able to hear the small things again. My daughter is ecstatic that I did this. Before, my friends and family needed to repeat themselves and now I can have a good time and enjoy communicating with everyone.
Shirlene B.
10 years ago I was asleep in bed and had a stroke. When I woke up, I fell out of bed and tried to go to work but, I could not carry on. I was in the hospital for about a week and received medication but it never helped my hearing return. I had testing done with various specialists who had some options with medication with very severe consequences. I also consulted with an audiologist who had similar suggestions including a hearing aid. I eventually received a large behind-the-ear hearing aid which did help but, not as much as I had hoped. I recently consulted with Dr. Sarah and Janica at Harp Hearing Care. I met them at their Anniversary BBQ and returned later for a complimentary hearing test. I received a full hearing assessment where all of my options were discussed and we decided on a product which was best for me and different payment options that met my needs. Not to mention they also sent me home with free ice cream. In a few days, I received my new hearing aid (and more ice cream). I am now able to participate fully in all of the activities I want to do. You don’t realize how much hearing loss affects you in your day to day life. Sounds like a baby crying, water boiling, movies and a horn honking are all sounds that I had not realized had been missing from my life. I still tear up when I go to places now and I hear things that I had not heard before. It has just been amazing. I want to thank Dr. Sarah and Janica with their assistance in helping me hear better.
Letitia P.
Like most seniors, we postponed dealing with our hearing issues before finally following the children's prodding to "do something about it". Driving down Elbow Drive one day, we passed Harp Hearing and responded to the warm invitation posted on the curb. It was a very smart decision. We were fitted with state of the art equipment which helped to make the decision to proceed very easy. They are so subtle that most people can't tell you are wearing them. We have benefited immensely from the superlative and friendly service provided by Dr. Blenkhorn. Her competence was apparent at every turn whether it was in testing, assessment, fitting and adjusting the devices, and most appreciated, her availability for the frequent follow up sessions. It is hard to imagine going back to those hard of hearing days, and most importantly the children and grandchildren love knowing that they are being heard again. It is nice to hear that the birds have mysteriously again returned to the neighbourhood.
Vic and Grace N.
Since getting my hearing aids, everything is just better. My abilities in work and play have improved immensely. I recently attended a family get together down in PEI. There was quite a social environment with music, conversation and it was in a crowded room. I have never really fully participated before. This year, for the first time, I could actually follow the conversations. It was pretty awesome. You don’t really realize how much you were missing until everything is really turned back on. I also do a lot of photography. Now when I go to photograph the osprey I can actually hear them and how they interact with each other.
Robin W.
I had an appointment for a hearing test and follow-up to discuss the results and potential hearing needs. I was very impressed with Breanne, she was extremely professional and her knowledge and understanding of hearing issues was very evident. She made me feel relaxed during the entire process. Breanne was clear with her instructions and with her assessment and analysis, contributing to a very positive experience that left me with a high level of trust in both her abilities and recommendations. I also want to commend HARP Hearing Care on the office environment. It was fresh, comfortable and communicated a high level of professionalism. The receptionist was professional and a pleasure to deal with. I will not hesitate to return to see Breanne or refer her to anyone I know who needs their hearing tested! Breanne's ethical practice and manner was a “breath of fresh air” as the expression goes.
Frank H.