Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Fitting

Once a product has been agreed upon, an appointment will be arranged for the fitting of your new hearing aids. We encourage you to take advantage of our 60 day adjustment period. We will ensure you are comfortable using and caring for the hearing aids and understand the features. During the trial period we provide support, answer questions and adjust the hearing aids as needed.

Ongoing Care

  5 year warranty


  Free Batteries


  Ongoing digital programming adjustments


  Complimentary service and maintenance

We invite you to book your free no obligation hearing assessment today by calling


Choose from the clinic most convenient for you: Kingsland, Willow Park Village, Crowfoot Crossing or Aspen Landing.

Referral Program

If you know someone who struggles with hearing loss or would like to have their hearing tested, you can refer them to come in and receive a free, full hearing assessment.

If the person you refer chooses Harp Hearing Care for their hearing aids, he or she will receive a $100 discount, and you will receive a $50 gift card to thank you for your referral.


We have financing options available to ensure that you get the right solution for your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

Harp Hearing Care is a provider through the Alberta Aids to Daily Living Progam (AADL), Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of National Defence, Federal Health Care Program , Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, BC (WorksafeBC) and Ontario (WSIB) and the Non Insured Benefits Program.