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About Harp Hearing Care

Harp Hearing Care is the premier hearing health care provider in Calgary with two state of the art clinics located in Kingsland Plaza and Willow Park Village. Harp prides itself on providing quality hearing care through exceptional service and products. Harp Hearing Care is locally owned and operated by Calgary audiologist, Dr. Sarah Blenkhorn, Doctor of Audiology.

“I invite you to receive a free thorough assessment of your hearing with the professional services that Harp Hearing Care has to offer. ”- Dr. Sarah Blenkhorn, Au. D.

Dr. Sarah Blenkhorn, Au. D. Doctor of Audiology, R. Aud., Aud(C)

  • Registered to practice in Alberta and British Columbia, and has earned a Masters & Doctorate in Audiology.
  • Foundation built on 10 years of experience, commitment to excellence, professional care and satisfied clients.
  • Professionalism, integrity and personalized experience.
  • History of management and leadership with a national provider.
  • Registered with SAC, ACSLPA, and CSHHPBC.
  • Clinical instructor wth University of British Columbia.
  • ACSLPA Council Member.