What to Expect


Let us help you assess your hearing needs and provide you professional, quality care tailored to your individual needs.

Your first appointment

A comprehensive and thorough hearing health assessment will be performed with the help of our state of the art technology. This will be combined with a personal hearing needs assessment around your everyday situations where you experience hearing challenges. We will also discuss your hearing health history and any other potential health factors that can impact your hearing (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure).

Your audiologist will then explain your results and work through a treatment plan that is best suited for your optimal hearing health. If hearing aids are required, we will review all options best suited to you, your budget and lifestyle. Harp Hearing Care will also offer you a 60 day adjustment period to ensure you are having success with your hearing aids.

We will assist you in providing referrals to other professionals if appropriate such as an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, to ensure you receive appropriate medical care if needed. Additionally, we will also send the results to your family doctor. 

Hearing Aid Fitting

Once a product has been agreed upon, an appointment will be arranged for the fitting of your new hearing aids. We encourage you to take advantage of our 60 day adjustment period. We will ensure you are comfortable using and caring for the hearing aids and understand the features. During the trial period we provide support, answer questions and adjust the hearing aids as needed.

Ongoing Care

  5 year warranty


  Free Batteries


  Ongoing digital programming adjustments


  Complimentary service and maintenance

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